As of Sunday the 28th of April in the year of our Zombie God Eternal 2019 No Land Beyond will close its doors permanently at 1825 N. Charles Street. Josh, Andrew, and Mark want to thank everyone who came out weekly to draft, play Keyforge, roll some dice with Kevin Sherry’s Scales and Tales, playtested Token Terrors, and generally kept us company while we tried to figure out how to run a friendly local game store.

…But as they say in the Iron Islands, what is dead may never die. Plans are afoot to carry on in a new location in the Old Goucher community this Summer. Sign up for our email list and like our Facebook page to be the first to hear about these details! Game on.

Please forward any fond memories, photos taken at the space, or anything else relevant to: Nolandbaltimore [at] g m a i l dot com!